Course Instructor:
International Trade, Summer 2016 (Evaluation: 4.7/5, Distinguished Teaching Award)
Macroeconomics, Fall 2015 (Evaluation: 4.03/5, Outstanding Teaching Award)
Macroeconomics, Summer 2015 (Evaluation: 4.73/5, Distinguished Teaching Award)

Recitation Section Instructor: Principles of Economics. Spring 2014.
Teaching Assistant: International Trade, Spring 2018, Spring 2017, Spring 2016
Teaching Assistant: Macroeconomics (Master), Spring 2015
Teaching Assistant: Microeconomics I, II and Mathematical Analysis For Economists (Ph.D.), Fall 2014

Selected Written Evaluations (scanned forms available upon request)

“I liked the way our instructor motivated and presented each of the models we studied in this class. The context behind each model helps us internalize the conclusions drawn and understand why they’re important. “

“You seemed to enjoy economics a lot and loved it when we asked theoretical questions or questions that took the concepts in class much farther outside the class. I really enjoyed when these discussions popped up and hope that they continue.”